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2015-2016 Waterfowl


Perch River Opener 2015-2016 - A slow opener at the Perch River Wildlife Management Area.  Pictured are Bill Hayes and his lab, Daisy, on Saturday, 10/3/15; Micky Novak's lab, Bella, on Sunday, 10/4/15; and Dave Porter with four ducks on Monday, 10/5/15.  Low water and few birds made for poor hunting.



Dick Contos at his blind on Oneida Lake on October 11, 2015:


October 24, 2015 - Western Zone duck opener at a marsh in Oswego County; left to right: Jack Waldron, Micky Novak (his lab, Bella) and Doug Carr.


Micky Novak & Bella:



Bill Hayes and his dog, Daisy, got a mixed bag of ducks and pheasants on the opening weekend of waterfowl in the Western Zone:


A good day on Oneida Lake; Wildfowler members Bob Brower (on left) and Dave Willey with a limit of mallard ducks on 11/20/15:


Layout boat hunt, 12/12/15 and 12/13/15, on Chaumont Bay, New York; Wildfowlers Doug Carr (on left) and Micky Novak enjoy a diver hunt in the layout boat handcrafted by Doug Carr. Also Wildfowler Jon Paninski participated in the hunt.



12/26/2015 - Wildfowler members Larry Duckett, Jack Waldron, Micky Novak (and his lab, Bella), Ben Fraser and his Dad, John, enjoy the morning shoot on Cayuga Lake:


From Gooseman, late season waterfowl hunt 2015:


From Nate Damanski, five-man limit one band from Ingleside Ontario Canada :


Goose Hunt - Wildfowler members Micky Novak (with his lab, Bella) and Jack Waldron on Onondaga Lake on Thursday, January 31, 2015.


Lake Ontario - 1/2/2016 - Mick Novak and Jack Waldron start the New Year off on a good note:


Lunchtime Oswego Harbor 1/2/2016 - Wildfowler members John Fraser, Ben Fraser (and their dog, Molly), Jon Paninski, Doug Carr, and Matt LaRouch take time out from duck hunting to have lunch.


January 3, 2016 - Micky Novak, holding up a banded Mallard, while hunting with Jack Waldron and Ron Falkowski on Onondaga Lake:


A New Jersey hunt by John Boyce:


1/7/2016 Lake Ontario Waterfowl Hunt - Wildfowler members Bill Hayes and Jack Waldron with some geese and redhead ducks:


Seneca River hunt, late season 2016, sent in by Nate Daminski:














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