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2017-2018 Waterfowl Season


From Jim Palumbo:  "Here's a photo of us CNY Wildfowlers during Monday's early September 2017 goose hunt with Nick McNamara, up north":



Although Conall Fraser has been on several waterfowl hunts with his brothers and Dad, John Fraser, this October 2017 hunt was his first time as a hunter; he shot a Brant with a single shot .410 borrowed from a friend:



12/01/2017 - A successful day hunting with Redhead Guide Service

Pictured left to right: Guides Red Oster and his brother, Steve, 

along with Jim Weston and his black lab, Micky:





12/8/17 - Snow Day Duck Hunting

Jack Waldron and Micky Novak (and his dog, Roxie):


12/10/2017 - Doug Carr's layout boat heading to Chaumont Bay:


Patrick Hart holding one of Doug Carr's decoys  (Don't shoot the decoys.)


Matt Carr (Doug Carr's cousin) and Patrick Hart at Chaumont Bay (12/10/17):



CNY Wildfowler members have a good day for the Western Zone 2nd half opener on Tuesday, 12/26/17.  Pictured left to right is Micky Novak, Terry Ramsey, and Jack Waldron. Not pictured is Ron Falkowski, who took a double banded black duck:



Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - CNY Wildfowlers Micky Novak (on left) and Jack Waldron

with some ducks and geese.  Micky also took a banded mallard.



1/4/18 - Larry Duckett and his son, Brian, on the Lower Niagara:



1/12/18 - Wildfowler members (Mike Czarnecki, Jack Waldron, and Ron Falkowski finish the 2nd half waterfowl season in the Western Zone with a bang on Lake Ontario.

Pictured left to right:  Mike Czarnecki and Jack Waldron:


Wildfowler member Gerald Bennett's son, Jake, shot this banded redhead

on Cayuga Lake at King Ferry:



1/16/18 - from Luke Krucher - 2 brant limit and a drake bufflehead and drake broad bill

this afternoon, Long Island:


From John Fraser - some Long Island pictures:



From John Fraser - late season Finger Lakes hunts:



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