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Ann Jardin -  Scholarship


Who is Ann Jardin?

Ann Jardin is a young woman on a quest...a quest to be a member of the 2016 U. S. Olympic Women's International Trap Shooting Team.

She is the daughter of Ron and Rita Jardin of Mexico, NY, where she graduated from Mexico high school in 2009. Jardin grew up loving the outdoors and enjoying sports such as swimming, Nordic and alpine skiing, soccer, lacrosse, hunting and competing in biathlons. Ann is working towards a degree in fisheries & wildlife management at Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks and will graduate in May 2013.

When Ann was twelve years old, she shot a bear with precision...like a pro. She has shot deer, pheasant, turkey and duck with accuracy...numerous times. She has always been athletic and has a keen eye for trapshooting.

Two summers ago, Jardin was in Binghamton, NY, for the Empire State Invitational Competition when she met Allen Chubb. He was intrigued with Jardin's ability and asked what her future goal was. She replied, "I want to win a gold medal for Women's Olympic Trap Shooting at the 2016 Olympics." 

Allen Chubb, Ann's Coach

 Mr. Chubb is a former world class athlete and now a coach of renowned talent, dedication and passion for the sport. Mr. Chubb is the President of Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.(CISS), which recently opened a truly world class shooting range just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is well known for its high-tech capabilities. For more information and photos go to the website: www.keystoneshootingpark.com.

Mr. Chubb has seen such potential in Ann's talent that he has taken her on as his lone full-time student for the next four years so as to solely dedicate himself to helping Ann achieve Olympic glory.

CISS is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C) (3) tax exempt corporation. CISS has created a "Dedicated Athlete Support Fund for Ann Jardin" in order to receive financial support to cover specific training and competition costs. All donations to this fund are tax deductible.

Coach Chubb said, "Ann is what every coach dreams of with her personality, drive, moral compass and family support. Putting an entire community behind her is what she wants and needs to have a realistic shot at her goals. What your community is doing for her is fantastic and I could only pray that other athletes had such a community rally call behind them. The Mexico community, her parents and I are her team in this journey and we cannot fail her. The Road to Rio starts here!!!!!"   

2011 - The Journey

Ann says, "I have to admit that the enormity of the quest to achieve Olympic glory is daunting, but I am confident that I will achieve the victorious results that I dream of."

During summers and vacations, she will be in Pennsylvania, employed at the Martz's Gap View Hunting Preserve; Jardin is also a lifeguard at Paul Smith College to earn money to help with living expenses and to purchase ammunition. She also works out at an area YMCA and has competed in Nordic skiing to increase her fitness level.

Jardin placed at the 2011 Bachier & Pellagri USA Masters Cup Junior Champion and Women's Champion.

In August 2011, Jardin placed first in the women's trap shooting category at the European Grand Prix. In the team event which included Jardin, Coach Chubb and another USA member, they placed third for the USA.

Commenting on her trip to the 28th Grand Prix de Cernay in France, where she placed third in the women's trap shooting division, Ann said, "I had an incredible time in Europe! Being able to shoot every day at different ranges without traveling very far was amazing! It makes me hungrier for the sport even more." 

2012 - The Journey

In the next nine months, Jardin will be competing in the following events:

•2012 Perazzi USA Grand Prix at KSP on June 13-17

• US Championships in Colorado Springs on July 1-9

• European Training Trip and Perazzi World Grand Prix slated for July 11 - 24

• Can American Cup Championship at KSP scheduled for July 27 & 28

•Pennsylvania State Championship at KSP on August 18 and 19

•Ultimate US team selection match from October 4-15, 2012.

Actual training and travel expenses from now until 2016 could be staggering.

In keeping with their goals, Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc. has created a Designated Athlete Support Fund for athletes like Ann in order to receive financial support to cover specific training and competition costs. All donations to this fund are tax deductible and may be sent to:

Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.

302 Tennessee Ave

Elizabethville, PA 17023

Attn: Designated Athlete Support Fund for

Ann Jardin

To make it to the gold it takes teamwork from family, friends and Individuals like you!


Join Ann's 2016 Olympic Dream Committee

The goals of Ann's 2016 Olympic Dream Committee are to support Ann Jardin in her journey to the 2016

Olympics by raising funds to help cover her expenses and to publicly promote Ann's Journey.

Ann's 2016 Olympic Dream Committee is comprised of representatives from:

• The Oswego County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs

• Oswego County Weeklies

• The Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

• Friends of Mexico Point Park

• Redfield Rod & Gun Club

• Great White North Trading Post

• Leon's Farm Market

• Ashley Lynn Winery

• Custom Novelty

• New Haven Building Supply

• Several community members

We are looking to grow and work with other like-minded groups and individuals. If you would like to participate in planning fund raisers or promotional events please contact

• Chuck Parker - (315)963-8413, aparker@twcny.rr.com  or

• Betty Green - (315)963-7657, email: Bj2green@aol.com   

Donations to support Ann in her journey may be sent to:

Ann's 2016 Olympic Dream Committee
P O Box 902
Mexico, NY 13114


Below is the letter Ann wrote to apply for the sholarship:


May 13,2012

Dear CNY Wildfowlers Members:

My name is Annie Jardin, of Mexico, NY. Thank you in advance for taking me into consideration for your scholarship. I am currently a junior enrolled in the Fish and Wildlife Management Program at Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks. The settings of this college and the people involved in my education have made this an amazing place to learn and gain hands on experiences. It has always been my personal challenge to set high standards and goals for my personal character, academics and competitive sports.

Sports and my love for the outdoors have been and continue to be a large part of my life. Participating in sports helps me manage my studies and gives me the opportunity to meet new friends and interesting people. In February, I participated in my seventh winter Empire State Games in the sport of Nordic ski, medaling in the race. I am a member of the Paul Smith's women's soccer and Nordic ski team. I recently was chosen for the third time to go to the collegiate National Championships for Nordic skiing. Outside of my collegiate sports I enjoy participating in International trap shooting, watersports, and hunting. I also enjoy learning new skills related to fitness and the outdoors. This is also the fifth year that I have held a Red Cross Life Saving Certificate and a CPR certificate. This is the third year of lifeguarding at the college pool to earn money to put toward my college tuition. I enjoy teaching swim lessons and life guarding for children, students, and adults.

The decision to pursue my quest for the gold medal in the 2016 Olympics for International Trap shooting has been the start of my life's most amazing journey. The support of my family, coach, community and close friends has helped bring this dream alive. My coach and I have set goals for me to work at diligently in order to be highly trained for this international event. The goals encompass lengthy practice schedules and competitions here in the United States as well as international competitions for the next four years. I will continue to persevere, train, and be guided to keep me focused and ready to earn the gold medal for our country.

My major at Paul Smith's College is Fish and Wildlife Management. I chose this major because of my great love for the outdoors, animals, the environment, and the hands-on educational experiences this college has to offer. I am eager to learn more about the opportunities this degree will lead me to. In the future I'm looking forward to finding a career in the field of Fish and Wildlife Management. I will be looking for a position in Pennsylvania upon my graduation in May of 2013. There I will continue to train for the Olympics and seek employment.

I am working hard to help pay toward my tuition and this scholarship would be a big help toward that end. Thank you again in advance for your support of my academic and Olympic endeavors.

Annie Jardin 








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