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Who We Are and How Our Association Began


Our association is a group of outdoorsmen and women dedicated to conservation of wetland habitat in Central New York. Based in Syracuse, New York, the non-profit organization is involved in many habitat improvement projects, youth education projects, and community events. 

The Wildfowlers Association of Central New York was formed in 1960 by a dedicated group of waterfowl hunters who were alarmed at the decline of waterfowl in Central New York.  The purpose of the organization is to improve and enhance waterfowl populations and wetland management and access through research, education, and stewardship.

In the early years, concerned with declines in local duck populations the founders launched an aggressive program to raise and release mallard ducklings in suitable locations in Central New York.  With the mallard population firmly established, we turned our attention to boosting local wood duck populations through our wood duck nesting box program.  We have provided several thousand of these structures to wildlife agencies as well as the private sector throughout western, central and eastern New York State.  Organization members build these structures, provide directions to other interested groups for construction, and provide guidelines for proper placement of the boxes in wood duck habitat.

In an effort to foster the achievement of these goals, the Wildfowlers Association has undertaken the following;

To provide a forum where conservationists can meet to discuss problems and complaints and the possible courses of action to ultimately resolve such problems in all phases of waterfowl conservation

To educate the public of the urgent need of conserving our natural resources, stressing the urgency of immediate action

To inform those governmental departments and agencies charged with protecting and preserving our environment that we speak for, and represent a concerned, cooperative, and responsible group of environmentalists

To familiarize the public with the facilities the State of New York has to offer and to commit our members and resources to the establishment and maintenance of such facilities and areas

To encourage respect for, and observation of, the rights of property owners as well as Federal, State, and Local Regulations

To remind the public of the need to uphold our sense of heritage and the need for responsible stewardship of our natural resources

In 2010 we had the honor of receiving the Club of the year award.



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