Roy W. Glahn Memorial Scholarship
The CNY Wildfowlers Association was formed in 1960 by a dedicated group of waterfowl hunters. The purpose of the organization is to improve and enhance waterfowl populations and wetland management and access through research, education and stewardship.  Roy W. Glahn is a former member of the Central New York Wildfowlers Association.

2020 - Jake Chronister a SUNY ESF student is this years recipient of the Roy Glahn Scholarship for his work with waterfowl; his current project involves banding blue bill (lesser & greater scaup) in Long Island, NY and this winter on Onondaga Lake.  He hopes this will give use a better understanding of where these waterfowl go and where they come from.  This is the first time this species has been banded in NY in over 30 years.

2019 - Stephen Sliwinski, MPS Candidate is sincerely honored to have been chosen for the Roy W. Glahn Memorial Scholarship!  He thanked The CNY Wildfowlers Association for our generous support. This award will be used to help fund his research as well as costs of tuition.  Once completed he will send a copy of his research. He will also be attending the annual banquet on April 24, 2019.  Thank you again for the support and he is looking forward to meeting the members at the banquet.

2018 - Aidan Flores is the recipient of the Roy Glahn Scholarship for his work with waterfowl; his current project involves the influence of agricultural grains on diets, body condition, and season stress in American Black Ducks wintering on Long Island, NY, which will give us insight into other ecologically sensitive areas used by waterfowl along the eastern seaboard.

2017 - Alison Kocek:  The Roy Glahn award will make a large difference in Alison’s ability to disseminate her research results to people who can make a difference in restoring and protecting habitat for saltmarsh birds.   She will use the scholarship to pay the costs of publishing her results in a peer-reviewed journal and to travel to a scientific meeting to present her results of her PhD research on Implications for Tidal Marsh Restoration.

2016 - The CNY Wildfowlers recently awarded two ESF graduate students the Roy Glahn Scholarship for the year 2016.  Adam Bleau graduated cum laude from St. Lawrence University in May 2010 with a B.S. in Biology.  Justin Droke earned a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management at the University of Tennessee.  Both young men are working in the CNY Finger Lakes region researching black ducks and mallards.  The CNY Wildfowlers presented both Justin and Adam a check for $750 each to help them in their research work. Congratulations to Adam and Justin! 

2014 - Congratulations to Environmental & Forest Biology MS student Melissa Althouse who has been awarded The Roy W. Glahn Memorial Scholarship from the Central New York Wildfowlers Association in the amount of $750. Melissa is studying the impact of human involvement on the Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii), a federally-listed (endangered) species that is considered a flagship species for sensitive coastal waterbirds.





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