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Youth Pheasant Hunts 2014-2019
2021 - CNY Wildfowlers Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt on 9/26/21 in Oswego County:
Left to right:  12-year-old Patrick Hayes, Dad Bill Hayes and his lab (Daisy), and 15-year-old Brady Stump.
2019 - The CNY Wildfowlers annual youth pheasant hunt was held on September 28, 2019, at Jack Waldron's home in Phoenix, NY.
Jim Middleton and his grandson, Ashton Fassinger:

Jim Weston-mentor (and his lab, Mick); Connell Fraser-youth hunter; Evan Waldron-youth hunter; Steve Schumer-mentor (and his lab, Drake); Thomas Hennessy-youth hunter; Ashton Fassinger-youth hunter; Bill Hayes-mentor (and his lab, Daisy):

Also helping with the hunt (but not pictured) were mentors Jack Waldron, Patrick Hart, and John Fraser.


2018 - The CNY Wildfowlers had their annual youth pheasant hunt on Saturday, September 29, 2018, in southern Oswego County at Jack Waldron's home.  Thanks go out to Scott Dunn for the use of his property and to Ed Pugliese along with the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen Club for supplying the pheasants.

Pictured left to right:  dog handler Bill Hayes (and his lab, Daisy), Patrick Hayes, hunters Ashton Fassihger and Jon Schirmer, dog handler Steve Schirmer (and his dog, Drake) and hunter Zane Sternberg.  Not pictured was dog handler Jim Weston (and his lab, Mickey).
2017 - The CNY Wildfowlers Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt was held on Saturday, 9/23/17, in southern Oswego County. Successful hunters were Marco Palumbo, Colin Fraser, Alan Waldron, Ian Davinport and Patrick Hayes.
Hunting dogs were Bella, Daisy, Molly, and Bryan Corrice's Brittany.
Also present were mentors Jim Palumbo, Bill Hayes, John Fraser, Bryan Corrice, and Jack Waldron.
2016 - The CNY Wildfowlers Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt was held on Saturday, 9/24/16, in southern Oswego County.  Pictured left to right:  mentor Jim Palumbo, Marco Palumbo, mentor Bill Hayes, Rocky Francisco, and Robbi Fredricks, along with labs (Bella, Daisy and Molly).
Thanks to Ed Pugliese and the Federation of Sportmen's Clubs for the pheasants and to Jack Waldron for hosting the hunt on his property in Phoenix, NY.


2015 - The CNY Wildfowlers had a successful youth hunt in Oswego County on Saturday, September 26, 2015, hosted by landowner, Jack Waldron.  Left to right: mentor Jim Palumbo and his yellow lab, Bella; youth hunter Ethan Fraser with Ron Falkowski's black lab, Molly; mentor John Fraser and his dog, Molly; youth hunters Luke Francisco, Robbie Fredricks, and Marco Palumbo; and mentor Bill Hayes and his dog, Daisy.  The four youth hunters harvested two pheasants each.


2014 - On Saturday, September 27, 2014, the CNY Wildfowlers held their annual youth pheasant hunt in Oswego County.  The young hunters pictured left to right are:  Marco Palumbo, Robert Fredricks, Luke Francisco, and Ethan Fraser.  The dog handler pictured is John Fraser, Vice President of the CNY Wildfowlers.  The hunting dogs are (Ron Falkowski's) Molly and (John Fraser's) Molly.


Successful pheasant hunts by young Wildfowler members; in the next three pictures...14-year-old Brianna Palumbo (with Jim Palumbo), 12-year-old Marco Palumbo, and 16-year-old Anthony Palumbo (with Jim):




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